We support

PodporujemeWe are fully aware that the existence of our company is crucial for the sustainable growth of the region. To ensure future growth and prosperity for the company we want to invest in production and technologies, we support our employees and at the same time we remember our Social Responsibility.

We support a number of interesting projects and organizations providing leisure time activities. We provide help worldwide as well as in the Bruntál region, being one of the major local employers.

We support:

  • The Břidličná town
  • Břidličná swimming pool
  • Kovohutě Břidličná Sports Association
  • Rýmařov Triathlon Club
  • Břidličná Pensioners' Club
  • Sovinecko Association
  • Potůček Civic Association
  • Biathlon Club
  • Municipal Library
  • Slavoj Bruntál Sports Association
  • Rýmařov Vocational School
  • Pental Břidličná Sports Club