Foils for insulation and other technical applications

folie-pro-izolaceAluminium and aluminium alloy foils with thicknesses smaller than 0.2 mm have the same characteristic properties as any aluminium products, e.g. excellent barrier properties, low weight, hygiene safety, and chemical stability in the air.

Aluminium and aluminium alloy foils are generally used for:

  • hydrothermal insulation (saunas, swimming pools, beneath roofing)
  • radon barriers
  • production of asphalt hydroinsulation sheets
  • sealing and insulating tapes
  • the production of capacitors and cable shielding in electrical engineering
  • laboratory equipment, etc.

Mass-produced materials and tempers

Material pursuant to EN 573-3TemperThickness [µm]
EN AW-1050A [Al 99,5] O,H18 0,00635 - 0,400
EN AW-1200 [Al 99,0] O,H18 0,00635 - 0,400
EN AW-8011 [Al FeSi(A)] O,H18 0,00635 - 0,400

 Requests for any deviation from the above specifications must be discussed with a sales representative for each individual order.

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