Aluminium foil celebrates 100 years and Břidličná 80 years of non-ferrous metal processing.

Břidličná, March 12, 2010

80 letAluminium foil celebrates 100 years this year.

Aluminium - the metal for the third millennium. Although it has been known of for much longer, we can speak about its industrial production only from the beginning of the past century, which is also the start of non-ferrous metal processing in Břidličná.

"We have prepared several marketing events for 2010, for our employees as well as people outside the company. Today, I can only reveal that the theme of both anniversaries will be used during the regular annual meeting with our major customers," sales and marketing manager Vít Hrabánek said.

Aluminium products are everywhere around us, helping with almost every job and in many cases we do not even realize their beneficial presence. Did you know that aluminium participates basically in all your daily activities?

  • When we are hungry: yogurt lids, butter, fat, curd and processed cheese packaging, and also the foil you use to pack your lunch
  • When we have a sweet tooth: packaging of ice-cream, chocolate, candy, Easter or Christmas chocolates
  • When we want to travel by car, train, bus: in cooling, heating and air conditioning units
  • When we want to cool down or get warm: in air conditioning units, flue liners, insulation ...
  • When we want to have a nice roof: aluminium roofing ...
  • When we ache: medical packaging
  • And, by the way, what do you call a 1x3" strip of aluminum that is sticky on one side? A band-aid for the Tin Man!


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