2010 Annual Report

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Dear shareholders, dear business partners,

2010 is marked by a significant growth in the efficiency of AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s. We managed to increase the volume of orders in all market sectors thanks to the growing demand and business activities of the company.

The sales of products in tons grew by 19% in the 2010/2009 year-on-year comparison. We experienced a substantial recovery in demand from the automotive industry where we supply mainly foil materials. We observed a growth in demand for thicker rolled semi-products in 2010, especially alloy materials.

The production responded flexibly to the growing demand with improved efficiency. The incentive system ensuring a productivity increase in tons despite reduced staff had very a positive effect which is highly appreciated.

The positive result in production and the large wage increase did not, however, reflect on the company's profitability to a sufficient extent, especially in the Břidličná area. The unsatisfactory profitability of individual parts of the aluminium sector of the company is looked upon critically by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors sees considerable room for improvement in the results of the company's aluminium sector.
TAPA Tábor makes a considerable positive contribution to the overall company results, achieving long term good results and it substantially improved the efficiency of its own activities, namely in 2010. The Board of Directors express their thanks for the good jA strategy for further company development for 2010 – 2013 was elaborated in the second half of 2010 and approved by the Board of Directors. This open document defines the direction of further company development and will be continuously amended as new market know-how is gained.
The 2011 Business Plan provides for the requirements of the market as well as our company and places higher demands on the overall efficiency of our own activities, especially in the aluminium sector, resulting in the necessary financial stability of the company.

Let me thank all company employees, business partners and shareholders for their co-operation and the results achieved in 2010.

Ing. Petr Otava, CSc.
Chairman of the Board

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  • AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s.
  • Bruntálská 167, 793 51 Břidličná
  • Czech Republic
  • Phone No.: +420 554 221 111
  • Fax: +420 554 222 700
  • info@alinvest.cz
  • Business ID No.: 273 76 184
  • Tax registration number (DIČ): CZ273 76 184
  • the company is registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section B, Insert 3040