Profal is aluminium alloy strip for double-standing seam applications coated with polyvinyl-denfluoride (PVdF). The top side is coated with a primer and a finishing varnish with a total thickness of 25 microns. The finishing varnish is colour-fast and highly UV resistant. The bottom side is coated with a 3μm layer of protective lacquer. The alloy material has excellent malleability and is easy to bend which is important for double-standing seam applications.



Qualities such as low specific weight, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticity, aesthetic appearance and recyclability make Profal an ideal roofing and facade material. It is applicable for new buildings, historical as well industrial buildings and complex as well as smooth surfaces.

Removable protective foil is perforated to enable easy removal of side strips before seaming. The remaining part of the protective foil is removed at the end of the work. Profal is installed by professionals, their addresses are available from our sales department.

Specific properties

  • non-combustible - classified in the A2 category
  • mfrost-resistant, with hydrophobic surface, moisture-stable, vapour-proof
  • excellent weather resistance of the varnish coating
  • processability: from 0°C to +40°C
  • the material is colour-fast, rain water running across Profal does not leave stains on surrounding materials

All material changes in length in relation to temperature, depending on the individual expansion coefficients. Therefore, Profal products must be installed in such a way that they can contract and expand without the risk of leaks. Sliding joints which compensate for expansion are made as double-standing seams, glued, sealed and riveted. Bituminous adhesives or silicon sealants may be used for glueing.

The same principle applies to all aluminium materials; it is crucial to eliminate galvanic corrosion. Profal may be joined with stainless steel, titanium zinc, zinc, or lead.

In general, the double standing seem roof pitch must be less than 5%. If we use cross connection, the roof pitch must be smaller than 25%.

Standard coil and sheet dimensions and tolerances

DimensionCoils [mm]Sheets [mm]
Thickness 0,7 0,7
Width (rolled)

600, (1 000)
a 1 220

(1 000) a 1 220
Length (cross cut) 2 000
Inner diameter 500
Weight cca 200 kg

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